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Mobile Application Development Services in Jodhpur

<p>Quest Solutions has successfully transformed vision of various clients into reality. Quest is here to bridge the gap right from strategy to implementation may it be for a Website Development, Digital Marketing or Mobile Application Development in Jodhpur. Our Services in Native Mobile Application Development are iOS (iPhone + iPad) and Android. Platforms and Languages we use for developing these Applications are <strong>Swift, Objective C (iPhone Application Development); JAVA, Kotlin (Android Application Development); Xamarin, Cordova, React Native and Ionic (Hybrid Application Development).</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><big><strong>SERVICES WE OFFER:</strong></big></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Native App Development</strong></p> <p>Custom Mobile App Development services for leading app development platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and beyond, allowing you to reach your particular end-user base.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Hybrid App Development</strong></p> <p>Expert Hybrid Mobile App Development services for Android-iOS, Android-iOS-Windows Apps on dependable Hybrid App Development technologies with native-like experience.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Cross Application Development</strong></p> <p>Exclusive Mobile-first approach for your enterprise as per your business needs, we give you expert cross application development services annexing what is a growing trend called BYOD.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Ecommerce Mobile App Development</strong></p> <p>Feature-rich ecommerce mobile application helping you in developing enriched buying experience for your users on varying mobile app development platforms with added customization and security.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Enterprise Mobile App Development</strong></p> <p>Mobile Apps that improve your enterprise process and give you advanced business insights with technologies such as ML, Mobile BI, AI, AR for better productivity, visibility and business decisions.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Intuitive App Design</strong></p> <p>User-experience that gives new definition in the modern business era, find apps with enriched mobile-web, native, hybrid, self-intuitive navigation and modern UI and UX just at CIS.</p> <hr /> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Website Development Services in Jodhpur

<p>Quest Solutions USP is Custom Web Application Development. We are here to bridge the gap right from strategy to implementation; may it be related to Website Development, Digital Marketing or Mobile Application Development. We are specialized in Open Source Technologies like Laravel, Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Cake PHP, Codeignitor and Drupal. We have extensive working experience of Developing Web Solutions in almost all the major industry domains like BFSI [Banking, Financial Services and Insurance], Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, Hospitality, Construction, NGO&#39;s, Information Technology and Education. We have some of the most reputed clients under our belt and therefore we proudly are one of the best Website Development Company in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>SERVICES WE OFFER:</strong></p> <hr /> <p><strong>1. PSD to HTML5</strong><br /> we offer seamless and affordable PSD to HTML5 Conversion Services. All you have to do is sent us your Photoshop designs and we will convert it into a pixel perfect, W3C validated, SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible and hand-coded HTML5 design.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>2.CMS Development</strong><br /> Our CMS Web Design &amp; Development Services aims at making it easier for businesses to manage and maintain their website. We deliver the best content management solutions using open source platforms and have hands-on experience working with CMS like <strong>WordPress, Joomla and Drupal</strong>.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>3. PHP Web Development </strong><br /> Our web developing team are experts in providing unique, custom PHP Development Services. We have access to the latest innovation in PHP development which, along with our creative and coding expertise helps us deliver the best results that&rsquo;ll exceed your expectations.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>4. Custom Web Development</strong><br /> We have worked on countless Custom Web Development projects. If you want to create a website that is uniquely yours, one that makes your brand stand apart from the rest, then rest assured that we can deliver it no matter - what your requirements are.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>5. Magento Development</strong><br /> We offer exceptional Magento Development Services in India and across the globe. We have built many successful e-commerce portals and have a team of highly-skilled Magento Developers who can help you create a fully-functional, feature-rich and scalable online store.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>6. Laravel Development</strong><br /> Sticking to the coding guidelines and standards, we develop a variety of website or applications. Here we allow you to hire highly experienced and skilled Laravel developers who work on project as per client&rsquo;s requirement at affordable prices. They develop best quality website while our development process. These Laravel developers are experienced in working with PHP frameworks for ages and thus the laravel application development becomes a lot easier and robust. So don&rsquo;t wait further and get maximum benefits and best-in-class solutions with our Laravel Development services.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Best Digital Marketing Services in Jodhpur

<p>Digital marketing has changed the way that brands communicate, interact and engage with their customers. With businesses growing faster than ever and most of them digitally, digital marketing has become an integral part of the everyday marketing strategy of any business. Digital Marketing is the right platform for promotions and also establishing a company or a product. Highlighting themselves in a pool of competitors is another dilemma company faces.This is where we come in. Quest Solutions is one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agency in Jodhpur, which provides you with the best solutions for all your digital marketing needs. We believe in using the best resources for generating high ROI for our clients.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>SERVICES WE OFFER:</strong></p> <hr /> <p><strong>1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)</strong></p> <p>Search engine optimization includes many factors from keywords within your content to links to your website around the web. It includes both On-page and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to the steps you take on your own website to boost your SEO. Off-page refers to the relationships you make and&nbsp;actions&nbsp;you take outside of your website to fuel SEO.</p> <p>SEO trends change as algorithms change to fit user needs. In this way, SEO is never about building a website for the sole purpose of ranking high on a list&nbsp;results. At its core, SEO is about crafting the best possible website for your user. If you stay on top of SEO trends, you&rsquo;re that much closer to more visibility&nbsp;online and traffic to your site.</p> <p>SEO refers to the process of growing your online visibility in non-paid (organic) search engine results. SERPs or search engine results pages appear to users after they search for a given set of keywords using a search engine like Google or Bing. Each user receives an individualized results page based on keywords, the user&rsquo;s location at the time of searching, and their browsing history. Organic search results appear in a list and are ranked using the search engine&rsquo;s algorithm. As users change the way they search and engage with online content, these algorithms change. The higher you rank on a SERP, the more traffic is directed to your site and the more chances of making a passive visitor an active customer.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>2. Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)</strong></p> <p>Search Engine Marketing or SEM covers the ground SEO ignores, paid traffic from search engines. With SEM you purchase advertisement space that appears on a user&rsquo;s SERP. The most common paid search platform is Google AdWords. Next, is Bing Ads.The search engine charges a marketer a predetermined amount to display an advertisement in a number of places on a SERP generated from specific keywords or phrases. One example of SEM is pay-per-click advertising or PPC. PPC refers to a digital marketing method wherein search engines charge a company each time their advertisement is clicked.Social media platforms began adopting PPC advertising in recent months. These ads show up in the news feeds of a company&rsquo;s target audience. This system is a great example of how the different types of digital marketing bleed into each other to form a complete digital marketing strategy. In this example, SEM overlaps with social media marketing.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>3. Social Media Marketing (SMO)</strong></p> <p>By now you know that social media is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. But do you know the ins and outs of social media marketing? Social media marketing gives you increased exposure. Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. It allows you to connect with your consumers in a more intimate way. From this interaction, you can gain valuable customer feedback that allows you to improve your customer service, product, or service.</p> <p>Using social media marketing you&rsquo;ll gain more reach when you post quality content. Everything you do to increase traffic or business on your social media channels is social media marketing. Whether you&rsquo;re on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or LinkedIn these efforts all amount to social media marketing. Most everyone benefits from social media marketing, but B2C companies stand to gain the most. Pay attention to what your target audience talks about on social media. Engage in the conversation. Use social media marketing as a way to gauge what content you put out does well by monitoring shares and likes. Shares equate to free advertising for you.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>4. Content Marketing</strong></p> <p>Content marketing refers to the practice of delivering a quality piece of content to your users to generate sales and leads. This content can live anywhere online. Tweets, a YouTube video, and blogs on your website all comprise content marketing Last, share your content across all of your social media platforms for maximum exposure and feedback. Every image or perception attached to your brand, whether true or false, holds value. In a digitized world, it&rsquo;s every company&rsquo;s job to maximize positive user experiences and reduce customer pain points online.</p> <p>Through the publication and distribution of authentic, informative marketing assets like blogs, videos, white papers or infographics, you multiply digital touchpoints across every stage of the buyer journey: If someone has a question, they come to you, That&rsquo;s why content marketing exists &ndash; to serve prospects and customers the most relevant and memorable experience they can find on the web. Stay away from fluff pieces. Think about how much content a user comes by every day. Creating relevant, quality content helps you stand out and boosts your SEO.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>5. Affiliate Marketing</strong></p> <p>Affiliate marketing refers to the process of paying for conversions. Think of it like hiring a sales person for your product or service. That affiliate earns a commission. You determine the rate for affiliate marketing. You only pay for conversions. This means there is no upfront cost to affiliate marketing. Many bloggers or e-commerce websites use affiliate marketing.</p> <p>Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing system that basically involves four distinct elements: the merchant, the affiliate, the consumer and the network.</p> <p>The network, also called program or platform, acts as an intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate. The network is completely digital and requires varying levels of involvement from both the merchant and affiliate.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>6. Influencer Marketing</strong></p> <p>Influencer marketing is a relationship between a brand and an influencer. Influencer marketing uses people with an enormous online reach considered experts by your target market to drive traffic and sales.</p> <p>Influencer marketing is popular on social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat. Companies hire Instagrammers with large followings to promote their brand by posting one or more photos with the product. Social media takeovers drive the influencer&rsquo;s following to your social media channels increasing your new followers and unique views.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>7. Email Marketing</strong></p> <p>Email has become one of the most popular forms of communication. In 2010, there were an estimated 90 trillion emails sent out worldwide. That breaks down to 2.8 million emails sent every second. These numbers are gigantic, but not surprising when you consider how important the mail in all forms has been throughout history.</p> <p>Email marketing allows you to update your email subscribers on a regular basis about your company. This fosters a relationship unlike any of the other types of digital marketing. Your email updates provide value to your consumer. As a result, you build brand trust and brand loyalty.</p> <p>Email is a remarkably flexible tool that can accommodate a wide range of messages. Ads can be quite simple, or they can be flashy, multimedia packages. The aesthetic of the ad will depend on the company and the product for sale. Some ads are only text while others include images, video, and long lists of links. The best email marketing campaigns involve a list of subscribers earned by your content and company, not paid for by your company. People who opt-in to your email subscription prove more likely to become active buyers.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>8. Viral Marketing</strong></p> <p>Viral marketing is any marketing technique that induces websites or users to pass on a marketing message to other sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message&#39;s visibility and effect. Viral marketing refers to a post of some sort that is trendy, funny, or strange enough to garner a massive amount of shares online. Viral marketing causes an enormous spike in website traffic over a short period of time. This is hard to do but the benefits alone make the effort worth your time.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>9. Mobile Phone Advertising</strong></p> <p>Each types of digital advertising is possible on mobile device. Mobile device software has improved rapidly over the past decade. Today, cell phones are practically a necessity in daily life. With this in mind, many marketers are realizing the benefits of mobile advertising to help keep their campaigns relevant to their target audience. These include SMS advertising which could prove an asset to local marketing efforts. You can prompt your consumers to use SMS to receive special offers, coupons, and updates from your company.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Graphic Designing Services in Jodhpur

<p>The primary goal of any business is to increase its sales and increase the growth of the business. UI/UX Design plays an essential role in achieving this goal. The UI/UX Design of the application improves the user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately helps increase the number of users of the specific application. Quality websites include visual design choices that make it easy for a user to get what they want. Quest focuses on user experience by designing easy-to-navigate software for all types of digital products like websites, applications, and other interactive devices. Quest make sure that we provide a great Digital Customer Experience to users may it be via Graphic Designing, Website Development, Digital Marketing or Mobile Application Development in Jodhpur.</p> <p><strong>OUR SERVICES:</strong></p> <hr /> <p><strong>1.&nbsp;Brand Identity &amp; LOGO design</strong><br /> Make your brand stand out by giving it a unique logo as it deserves the best. As your graphic design agency, we will make your business come to life by designing a logo, making the brand stand out, creating an identity for your Brand, exclusive range of Business Cards.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>2. Website Design </strong><br /> Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>3. Mobile Application Design</strong><br /> Nothing speaks more of a brand&rsquo;s values than its Design. Our team has got you covered with various innovative ideas best suitable for our Application. With our eye-catching ideas, it&rsquo;s time to grab some attention.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>4. Brand Guidelines Manual</strong><br /> Get in touch for a unique project- the documentation of your brand&rsquo;s guidelines for future designer, printers and marketing executives to follow. So far we have collaborated with quite a few large brands with complicated hierarchies and helped them create brand guideline master books to simplify their identity.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>5.Outdoor Campaigns, Print Ad,&nbsp;Hoardings</strong><br /> Imagine, making a grand entrance at a Red Carpet! That&rsquo;s exactly how we intend to promote your product to the public eye. Our graphic design services extend to the entire gamut of outdoor campaigns- be it a simple creative or a series.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>6. Brochures and print collateral</strong><br /> We are adept at designing brochures, danglers, flyers, product catalogues, invitations, flex banners, canopy, warblers, tabletop cards, L-Cards, restaurant menus etc.</p> <hr /> <hr />

Brand Development Services in Jodhpur

<p>Brand starts with an innovative and remarkable product or service built on a standard of quality that solves customer&rsquo;s problems. A brand can lend status, enhance an experience or make the price feel right. Your idea&rsquo;s branding must connect with your customers on a personal level. It takes thought, research, analysis and investigation to answer the four questions every brand must answer: Who is your customer? What is their problem? How will you guide them? How will your product or service benefit their lives? Quest Solutions has successfully transformed vision of various clients into reality through Brand Development. Quest is here to bridge the gap right from strategy to implementation may it be for a Website Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development or Brand Development in Jodhpur.</p> <p><strong>OUR PROCESS:</strong></p> <hr /> <p><strong>1.&nbsp;DISCOVERY</strong><br /> Depending on the nature of a project, the kick-off meeting may be followed by any combination of the following: stakeholder interviews, questionnaires, market research, competitive analysis, and content strategy. In all cases, a creative brief is drafted and approved.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>2.&nbsp;RESEARCH</strong><br /> Market research isn&rsquo;t on the menu for every project. But when budget and time permit, we&rsquo;ll engage our research partners, who offer a variety of research methods. The insights gained from this effort provide guidance, expedite consensus, and confirm that we&rsquo;re making the right decisions.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>3.&nbsp;POSITIONING</strong><br /> With a clear understanding of the company&rsquo;s purpose and vision, the messaging and positioning framework is developed. This internal document, refined over multiple review rounds, will serve as the strategic foundation of the brand. It will unify all messaging around a single tone and voice.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>4.&nbsp;DESIGN</strong><br /> With the foundation in place, we move into the visual expression of the emerging brand identity. We begin by exploring and presenting multiple design solutions. Once a direction has been selected, it is refined over a series of creative review rounds, then finalized for application and launch.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>5.&nbsp;GUIDELINES</strong><br /> Once complete, the new brand identity is codified in a style guide. This document provides guidance on the correct and consistent application of the new brand assets. Our brand guides are almost exclusively digitally produced, enabling us and our clients to constantly update and expand the guide<strong>.</strong></p> <hr /> <p><strong>6.&nbsp;Launch</strong><br /> A new brand identity will thrive externally only if it is first adopted internally. So we work with our clients to develop both internal and external launch tactics, including the build out of new business forms, signage, and sales and marketing assets. And our partnership doesn&rsquo;t end there.</p>

Corporate Training Programs in Jodhpur

<p>Quest Solution is committed to the cause of organizational excellence through development delivery of practical soft skills training programs &amp; quality business consulting. We provide Corporate Training and Performance Enhancement Solutions in several areas of employee training like Soft Skills and Sales Training Programs for Corporate Companies &amp;&nbsp;Institutions to help Employees &amp;&nbsp;Students reach peak potential. Below are&nbsp;the basic overview of topics we cover in our Seminars, Workshops, &amp; Trainings.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>1. Presentation Training</strong></p> <ul style="list-style-type:circle"> <li>&nbsp;Public Speaking Mastery</li> <li>&nbsp;High Impact Presentation</li> <li>&nbsp;Getting Rid of the Fear &amp; Horror of Public Speaking</li> <li>&nbsp;Present with Impact</li> <li>&nbsp;How to win friends and Influence Business People?</li> <li>&nbsp;Present Complex Information</li> <li>&nbsp;Present to Persuade</li> <li>&nbsp;Meetings That Work</li> <li>&nbsp;The Art of Storytelling</li> <li>&nbsp;How to Present Online</li> <li>&nbsp;Virtual Meetings that Engage</li> <li>&nbsp;Successful Public Speaking</li> <li>&nbsp;Leading Virtual Team</li> <li>&nbsp;Cross and Up Selling</li> <li>&nbsp;Engaged Employee Training</li> <li>&nbsp;Presentations that Influence People <hr /></li> </ul> <p><br /> <strong>2.</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Leadership Training</strong></p> <ul style="list-style-type:circle"> <li>Confidence, Assertive, In Charge Developing the ATTITUDES of LEADERSHIP</li> <li>How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact</li> <li>Leading Strong Teams</li> <li>How to win friends and Influence Business People?</li> <li>Create Your Work-Life Breakthrough</li> <li>Leading Across Generations</li> <li>Getting Results without Authority</li> <li>Managing Workplace Stress</li> <li>Secrets of Motivation</li> <li>Cultivate Power without Being Intimidating</li> <li>Build your Power Team</li> <li>Time Management</li> <li>Critical Thinking: Tools for Effective Action <hr /> <p>&nbsp;</p> </li> </ul> <p><strong>3. Sales</strong></p> <ul style="list-style-type:circle"> <li>Winning with Relationship Selling</li> <li>How to Win Friends and Influence Business People?</li> <li>Attitudes with Service</li> <li>Managing Customer Expectations</li> <li>How to Cold Call and Build New Customers</li> <li>Build Your Power Team</li> <li>Negotiations: A Human Relations Approach</li> <li>Compelling Sales Presentations</li> <li>Appeal to Buy Motives to Close More Sales</li> <li>Cross and Up Selling</li> <li>Transforming Customer Complaints into Opportunities</li> <li>Goal Settings and Accountability <hr /> <p>&nbsp;</p> </li> </ul> <p><strong>4. Customer Services</strong></p> <ul style="list-style-type:circle"> <li>Managing Conflict in the Workplace</li> <li>Attitudes for Service</li> <li>Managing Customer Expectations</li> <li>Managing Workplace Stress</li> <li>How to Cold Call and Build New Customers</li> <li>Outstanding Customer Services <hr /> <p>&nbsp;</p> </li> </ul>